Comfatable Hot&Cold Knee/Shoulder

Precise and advanced heat, cold and contrast therapy with LED infrared light for knee & Shoulder rehabilitation and recovery


Heat Therapy:

Reduces knee aches and tension
Increases circulation

Cold Therapy:

Reduces inflammation and swelling

Constrast Therapy:

Effectively promotes knee recovery

Red Light Therapy:

Reduces swelling and relieve pain more quickly


Exclusive LED infrared light therapy design
Therapy Mode: Cold/Heat/Contrast
Rapid Cooling Mode: 10°C,12℃,16°℃,3levels
Rapid Heating Mode: 35℃,40C,42C, 3leve ls
Removable lithium battery, easier to charge
Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing, perfect for knee and shoulder


Size: 290mm*156mm*145mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Battery Life: 30mins
Charging Time: 180mins
Charging Port: USB-C
Included: Control device, USB-C cable

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