Smart Hot&Cold Whole Body

Accurate temperature control, seamlessly combines cold, heat, and contrast therapy to optimize whole body recovery and keep you moving throughout the day


Increases flexibility and improves range of motion by relaxing musclesand reducing their best
Reduces inflammationand swelling
Customizable Treatment: Athletes can tailor cooling and heating therapytotheirspecific needs and preferences, adjusting factors like duration, intensity, and frequency to optimize recovery and performance outcomes


Therapy Mode: Cold/Heat/Contrast
Rapid Cooling Mode: 10C,12C,16°℃, 3levels
Rapid Heating Mode: 35℃,40C, 42℃, 3levels
Removable lithium battery, long battery life
Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing, perfect forshoulder, lower back, thigh, kneeand lower leg


Size: 302mm*188mm *157mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 2.0 kg
Battery Life: 30mins
Charging Time: 90mins
Charging Port: USB-C
Included: Control device, TEC heating/cooling bag, 3 types of wraps,battery pack

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